Syllabus Response


My primary reason for enrolling in ENG 239 is that I plan to teach it next semester, and I wanted to see first-hand how Cheryl organizes ENG 239. Besides, what better way to figure out how to teach a class than to participate in it before you have to teach it?

So I’ve looked over the syllabus and the schedule. I think the course goals are straightforward enough, and I think the overall direction of the course towards academic presentations is interesting, particularly because it’s something I wouldn’t have considered if I were putting together the class. Then again, I know Cheryl’s investment in and promotion of digital scholarship, and it doesn’t surprise me that there’s an academic bent to the class projects.

If I have concerns about this class, they’re basic. The first, for me, will always be a concern with the amount of reading we have. From what I’ve seen in the schedule, I don’t think this will be a problem for this class; I sense a pattern of focusing on the quality of readings over the quantity, which I greatly appreciate. The second is how much I’m going to hate blogging after this, because blogging has once again (as it did in a class at IUPUI) become schoolwork instead of something I do because I want to. (However, since I also have to blog in ENG 467, I suppose I’ll just have to get used to the idea that academia has once again taken something people do for fun and corrupted it into work đŸ˜› ).

As a student interested in multimodal composition and new media, I’m looking forward to this class and to stretching my own multimodal composition muscles. I’m unfamiliar with certain forms of composition (particularly video) and need the exposure, and while I may bemoan that blogging is now in the “more homework” category, I have to admit that without some form of direction, I’d probably never delve into areas of multimodal composition I’m not already familiar with, simply because I have no idea what I’d ever want to produce that requires those particular tools.

Looking forward to this class.


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